Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3rd, 2011 - Day 56 of 60

A few days ago I read this article and was going to comment on it when I was distracted by other things.  Even after the distance a few days can bring has been inserted into my life, I am still troubled by the article's contents.  If you were to read some of my other writings (AKA "rantings") you'd know I am big on several subjects, one of which is overpopulation.  I love people (in concept) and I am happy when people are happy to have children (as long as they are not kicking my seat at the movies).  But even when everything goes right in our procreation process there are still looming issues that face us all.  I am not going to belabor points that have been made ad nauseum by minds far more gifted than mine.  You and I both know we are in for some rough times ahead if changes are not made and made soon. The depth of that trouble depends on how we react to the myriad issues facing us.

In general, we react to troubles by assuming someone who is really smart is taking care of things and we can all go on with our lives as usual.  That means driving a vehicle that may be too large, costly or gas-consuming than our needs require.  That means a house that may be far larger than we require.  That means living beyond our economic resources.  Etc.  Anyone who only occasionally thinks of these things should take time to watch this video and really try to comprehend the crux of the matter from a purely scientific, mathematical and emotionally-detached perspective.  When we understand the inextricably-bound issues of over-population, energy production, consumption, agriculture, climate change and political turmoil and how their converging ramifications form a synergy that will not be deflected with positive thinking or better campaign slogans, perhaps we'll wake up?  My hope is that we do so before it is too late.  And, really, had we made just a few, minor adjustments in our lives a few short years ago, we could have avoided many of the issues we are now facing.  No one was asking for us to live in shacks and eat gruel and have only one pair of shoes.  A video such as the one here outlines a few of the challenges we face, but also offers a few potential courses of action (sorry that there is a commercial in Dutch beforehand, but there is an English-speaking interview in there).

I am not here to preach to you or convert you to any particular way of thinking.  You are a free moral agent and must decide how your time, energy and resources are allocated.  But I am trying to, at least, make you aware of information I feel is often unreported or, at best, under-reported in the mainstream media, but has been common knowledge in many circles in our world for years.  And, regardless of what you think of my particular point in this post, I hope you will at least read the previous sentence and feel a ring of familiarity.  Meaning, what was your perspective on food, nutrition, medicine and health prior to seeing "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?"  What has changed in your perspective after being introduced to the doctor who treated Joe Cross, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and saw how well his methods worked without costly drugs or dangerous procedures?  Did it cause you to seek out other, similar, information, like the new-to-DVD movie, "Forks Over Knives", or "Food Inc." or "Food Matters" or any of dozens of books, videos and web sites that give straight talk on the political, economic and cultural manipulation of food and nutritional information?  If you have sought deeper and more "alternative" perspectives on food, then the information about which I am speaking today will be of little surprise to you. 

Food links all that we do.  We wake up in order to eat.  If we have a family or clan we wake up to ensure that everyone eats, is safe, is well and is as joyful as possible.  That is what we do.  The rest is happy accessories and options. If you had a guaranteed source of nutritious food and a safe, healthy home in which to live, how would that change your life?  What could you do differently?  Well, as housing, property, food and similar items are NOT free and closely controlled, that is a moot point.

You are reading this post because you, somehow, ended up on a web site that helps those who wish to "Reboot" their lives.  At its core, the Reboot is about the choices we make once we have facts.  Once you have that information you must then decide on its veracity and how to live based on what you now know.  You likely know much more about food than you knew in the past, so now you must live in accordance with this new knowledge or choose to ignore it.  These other things about which I am speaking are no different except their ramifications go far beyond your personal health, weight and lifestyle.  This information is like a "Reboot" for our civilization.  

Do with it what you will.  No salesman will call, you don't have to join anything, you don't have to wear a special hat, you don't have to sell your SUV and you don't even have to tell another human being you give a flying fig one way or the other.  But I can say from personal experience that once you start to see each piece of the puzzle, you then start to see the picture it forms.  Once you see that picture, you see how you, your children, your friends and your community all fit into that picture.  Once you see that, you understand why you need to do something, regardless of how small that something seems to be.  And, like a Reboot, understanding the need to start is the most difficult phase.  But, like a Reboot, once you do start, you will understand things in a way you've never understood them before.  Things will make sense in a way they've never made sense before.  Your world becomes a new world.  Like your Reboot, you'll say to yourself, "Why didn't someone tell me about his before?"

This is still all about the Reboot. Reboots are not just personal.  Reboots can happen to families, nations and planets.  The only thing that needs to happen is for someone to understand the need to Reboot and then to take the first step.

I am 90% through the 60 days.

Weight: 147.4 lbs.

Food: watermelon, Bananas, almond butter, cherries, almonds, raw cacao goji seed chunks, salad
Nice salad. Sorry for the crappy cell phone snap.

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