Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6th, 2011 - Day 59 of 60

I'd like to interject a trifling bit of perspective on all the Rebooting that has transpired over the last 59 days.  While this has all been spectacular in so many ways, there are other things occurring outside the verge of my Vita-Mix and beyond the borders of my blog.  As we speak, it just won't stop raining in New York.  There are towns not too far from me that, in essence, do not exist any longer.  In Texas, vast acres of farm land and residential areas are being burned away.  A part of my college town, Oklahoma City, burned and there was no nearby water to quench the flames.  In the horn of Africa there is a severe drought and famine that has displaced almost one million people and has led to the deaths of tens of thousands.  And those are just the headlines new enough that people have yet to grow bored reading them.  I could go on (as I tend to do) but I will not.  All I will say here is that as I near the end I wanted to remind myself and everyone else that Rebooting is a wonderful thing that more should do, but in the cosmic scheme of things it is a low priority.  It isn't just the previously mentioned troubles that I'd like you to bring to mind, but the fact that the endless election season is upon us and we have the chance to change all these foul things we've talked about over these weeks.  In the end, we really do have some kind of choice.  No, I don't think it is enough choice or a level enough playing field, but things can be done.  So, my hope is we invest at least as much time, energy and resources into the upcoming election year (that seems like a century) as we invested into our Reboots.  The juice Reboot is good for us, a national Reboot is good for everyone.

With that, I'll not labor over juice with pulp vs. juice without pulp.  I am certain we can all weigh the pros and cons of that issue and come to a conclusion with which we can all live.

I promise I'll be back to normal (whatever that is) tomorrow.

I am 95% through the 60 days.

Weight: 145.9 lbs.

Food: Watermelon, bananas, almond butter, mixed nuts, apple, cacao goji seed chunks, broccoli slaw
Even a photo of watermelon makes me hungry.

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