Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th, 2011 - Day 03 of 60

"Third time is the charm" makes the number three sound fortuitous.  But "Three on a match" is bad luck.  My feeling is the third day of any sort of fast, diet or exercise program is rough.  Your body is still undergoing its various reactions to the removal of refined foods.  It is missing the extra calories to which it has become accustomed.  It misses salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, fat and all the other addictive, stimulating and downright delicious things that find their way into our stomachs.  It is hard.  Today wasn't "hard" as in gripping the desk with white-knuckles to prevent myself from eating a Dove bar.  When I find myself even momentarily thinking of some food I'd like, I know changes are happening.  My body is panicking.  I have to just sit back and assure it that all is well.  The mind needs to take control.  You're not starving.  You're not even suffering.  Just acknowledge it and go on.  On this third day I think smoothies will probably be my drink of choice for however long I decide to stay with a liquid diet.  I will make some juice, but it can't be a part of my daily routine.  Too much time, energy, effort and, frankly, calories that hit me too quickly.  I like the fiber in a smoothie as it buffers the effect of the fruit on my system and helps me feel satisfied.  I did buy a few things to juice, so I'll probably do them on Friday and the weekend when I have more time. 

My thinking is that this will all pass after the first week.  Those sorts of numbers are big psychological hurdles.  When you know you are doing your body a favor, you tend to try a bit harder. 

My weight is down more today and I'm puzzled as to why.  I'm sure I just caught myself on a water-retention time or something.  Losing salt can make losing water easy.  Of course, I am not interested in losing water as much as I am losing a few pounds.  Mainly, I want to lose the shackles to poor food choices.  Honestly, after the reboot, if I can maintain good eating habits (regarding the quality of food I consume) I won't mind a few extra pounds.  This is about health, not appearance.  Still, who wouldn't feel better after losing 10% - 20% of the weight they carry around?  I seem to be settling into a routine where I consume about five smoothies a day and have water whenever I want.  I don't know how many calories that might be, but I am sure it is enough so I am not starving.  The greener of the smoothies today has four good handfuls of Kale (probably more than four cups), a bag of frozen mixed fruit (banana, strawberries, peaches and pineapple), two fresh peaches, a frozen banana and hemp seed.  I'd normally put in some cucumber and celery, but I'm saving that for tomorrow.

Hope everyone is hanging tough with their Reboots.

I am 5% through the 60 days.

Weight: 165.9 lbs.

Food: Fruit/Veg Smoothies With Hemp Seed
Some cherry and strawberry made this red.
Kale and fruit keep me green.

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