Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th, 2011 - Day 17 0f 60

I'm totally dragging today.  Went back to work and, as is the norm when anyone goes back to work after some time off, I was greeted with an avalanche of work.  That is our punishment for daring to want a life.  Getting up early isn't an issue as I do that most days regardless.  Packing my smoothies and water is a chore (I don't trust the water at work).  Two 1 liter bottles plus a smaller steel drink bottle.  That is quite a bit of weight when one is walking up a steep hill.  I am not tired and I feel really good.  I am likely not getting enough calories to keep myself going, but I've not done the math.  Work prevented me from taking my 9:30 drink, so it was skipped and saved for dinner.  Perhaps that is a signal that I should drop down to four a day?  I'll play it by ear.

All this hubbub over our work lives brings food and food preparation firmly into the fore of our minds.  I have no children at home to manage, so my situation is light-years ahead of most of yours.  My only concern is making my thick elixir and cleaning up after myself.  No dishes lingering in the sink when I eat.  Nothing needing any scrubbing to remove baked-on fat or sugars.  Nothing needs to be long-simmered or rendered down.  No sink full of pots for the various courses. It is really a wonderful time saver.  I recall reading one of the books by Scott and Helen Nearing and this concept was mentioned.  For those who are not familiar with those names, the Nearings were among the earliest pioneers of the "back to the land" movement, which dovetailed into the "simple living" and "self-sufficiency" movements.  Helen wrote, I believe, of often just "grazing" on the produce they grew or purchased.  No cooking or even place settings.  Grab a carrot, an apple or some greens.  It is amazing how much of our time is consumed with our consuming.  For me, shopping is a fairly brief affair even when one eats in a traditional fashion.  With this plan my shopping is blessedly briefer. Other than the things on the list for others, I make my dash through the produce aisle and I am done.  I do, however, have to make a few extra trips to the store to restock my coffers.  Still, I look forward to the trips as I can see what might be new at a Farmer's Market or on sale.  Maybe something new will catch my eye?  Even with the extra trips to the store, it is all so much easier.  It isn't just a time savings, but an economic savings as well.  No eating out, no junk, no snacks, no beer.  No concerning myself with a variety of things.  So easy and economical.  The big savings that we may not see is the savings in stress.  I know many of you may be furrowing your brows and wondering who this idiot might be?  For some the Reboot is more stressful as you have to see to your own nutrition and that of your family.  You have to clean up after yourself AND everyone else.  Yes, that is a killer.  For many, however, it is one less thing about which one must think.  I liken it to wearing the same clothes each day (meaning you have ten sets of the same shirt, pants, etc., not that you never change).  One less thing to fret over each day.  That is a nice feeling.  No wonder religious people like costumes.

All that extra time can be a blessing, or one could start going crazy.  I've got more things to do than time, so I don't mind.   Hopefully it will be filled with constructive things, like how we will manage our eating habits once the Reboot is complete.  Eating and food take up way too much time in our lives.  If this process has done nothing else, the understanding of that fact, I hope, will stay with me.  Who would imagine that Rebooting could make me see eating in the same way as I see TV, the Internet or video games?  Nothing wrong with it in general, but is always taking too much time.   Still, following that line of thinking too closely and one can make a case for take-out food and Twinkies.  Time at the expense of quality is a poor choice, but getting back time and health is win/win.

Speaking of time, I'll not waste any more of yours today.

I am 25% through the 60 days.

Weight: 154.7 lbs

Food: Fruit/Veg Smoothie With Hemp Seed
Only one photo today as I had just four smoothies.

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