Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16th, 2011 - Day 07 of 60

Have any of you seen that bumper sticker that says, "Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak"?  Well today, my seventh day, I thought of that and chuckled.  I am feeling very good.  Specifically, I mean I feel clear, light, pure and clean.  I know those are ambiguous terms and most may even be psychological.  At this point I don't care if it is all in my head or not, I feel GOOD.  It is hard to explain unless you are doing the Reboot as well and have experienced the effects.  Everyone is familiar with the feeling of going out and eating a big, heavy meal.  It is SO pleasant going down.  The food tastes wonderful.  Each fork-full of food comes with blessed anticipation.  There is that audible sigh after finishing up.  All is right with the world.  But then, your body reminds you of the effort it takes to digest food.  We've all experienced or witnessed the aftermath of Thanksgiving meals (for those who are Yanks).  A pile of groaning humans, pants unbuttoned, laying on the floor, slowly slipping into a food-induced coma.   Sure, they have smiles on their faces, but that might be the serotonin and endorphins swimming around in their brain from that joyous gorging.  So, you know what I mean.  I don't have that feeling.  True, I don't have the up-side of that feeling, but I don't have the down side.  As Dirk Benedict stated in his food/health autobiography, Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, "The bigger the up, the bigger the down" (something like that, I am paraphrasing).  So, I don't have that feeling.  It isn't just physical.  We've all experienced the "foggy" feeling of too much food.  Or, those who drink know the feeling of a hangover.  Not fun.  Well, not only am I not eating I am not drinking alcohol.  You don't know how good you can feel until you are off both for a bit.  Yeah, I miss the fun parts of the food and drink, I'll admit it, but I don't miss the down parts.  The down parts seem to last longer and longer as time goes on.  And, added to the "feeling" part is the physical part.  Part of the downside is you get to carry around the memory of the event with bad health and extra weight.  So, I am really feeling pretty good.  I know it won't last forever, but I am enjoying it now.

Back to where I started.  I am feeling very good.  But I was a bit "weak" feeling.  Not weak as if I can't do anything, just like I needed rest.  So, going back to that bumper sticker, I figured the seven days without solid food could make one weak as well.  I was working hard all week and deserved some rest.  So, most of my day was doing just that.   In the same theme as the bumper sticker, if God found it useful to rest on the seventh day, why not me?  It worked out nicely ("And it was good").

To prove I wasn't so much "weak" as "in need of rest", I asked my wife if she wanted to do some yoga.  As you recall (if you've been reading all the posts) I've been able to do about half the session.  Now, it is pretty intense yoga, but I used to be able to do a couple sessions back to back.  Today, with my wife by me, I was a bit more motivated to finish.  She was a superstar and we both finished.  I feel the same way (meaning, like I need rest), but I was strong enough to get through a strenuous yoga session.

In the end it is all good.  And, like my wife giving me encouragement to finish our session, I will try to encourage all of you out there.  It is the end of my first week and I am stoked up!  My weight is down a bit again today, but I really am doing five 16oz smoothies a day.  I put in a LOT of fruit and veggies and hemp seed.   I'll keep on going as I am until I think I have a reason to worry.

My best to all of you and I wish you nothing but sweet juice, fast cleanup, piles of encouragement and resounding success.

I am 10% through the 60 days.

Weight: 161.7lbs

Food: Fruit/Veg Smoothie With Hemp Seed

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