Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16th, 2011 - Day 38 of 60

While I'm certain "Rebooting" in the form we discuss here is new to us, the term "Reboot" is not that new.  The term was primarily used in computer parlance to describe the process of restarting the machine.  The term "boot" was to signify the machine starting or "pulling itself up by its bootstraps".   Not a very old term, to be sure.  And, given English's predisposition for amusing mutation, it didn't take long for "Reboot" to find another meaning.

I've long been a "Star Trek" fan.  I remember the series when it was originally on TV.  It was so impressive I was allowed to stay up late to watch.  Time passed, a movie was made and then another and then another TV show (and then a few of those) and then more movies.  After a while the whole thing became bogged down in hype, overuse and lack of nurturing.  Then someone got the bright idea to "Reboot" the series.  The cast of the original series was too old and the newer series didn't hold the imagination of the movie audience.  So, what do you do when you have no other option?  You reboot.  I have no idea if they will continue on with the series, but I found the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek" to be no worse than most of the movies they have made (although "The Wrath of Kahn" is sacred viewing).

Tonight I was able to view the next installment of the "Planet of the Apes" reboot called "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".  I was pleasantly surprised.  I wasn't expecting much more than apes running around causing havoc and maybe smoking the odd cigar.  Instead I was treated to a film that was much more thoughtful and respectful of the audience than I anticipated.  True characters and relationships and philosophical conundrums.  I won't spoil it for anyone who has contemplated seeing it but figured it was just apes putting man in his place.   You might like it more than you imagined.

And, that word, "imagined", is tangentially related to the whole topic of this evening: Rebooting.  As I make my living from technology, the standard term is the one with which I am most familiar.  The film-related definition is one we all understand and is the one that caught my eye this evening. The subject of that film also deals with rebooting of a sort.  That reboot was of the order of the planet.  And now, our small and growing band of Rebooters have a new meaning to bring to the term.  When the machine is sputtering and slowing down, you reboot.  When the movie series is sputtering and slowing down, you reboot.  When your life and your body is sputtering and slowing down, you reboot.  It works.  The control + alt + delete process is in full swing here and still moving forward.  It takes a bit to reboot a machine.  It has to check over things and make sure they are all there.  It has to load things over and clean out that corrupted and sluggish memory.  Our bodies are no different.  Like a tired old series, I am getting new life breathed into me.  Like a computer that won't stop popping-up ads for Viagra, I am performing a procedure that will make me run better and faster and more reliably.  And, like this evening's film, our Reboot has surprised me in its quality and thought-provoking nature.

I also recalled that apes eat pretty much the way I'm eating right now, so I felt a special kinship with them.  If that mountain gorilla can get so big from plants and fruits and the occasional bug, I figure I can't be doing too terribly on my diet.  No one would tease him for being a raw vegan.  So, while tonight's film was enjoyable, I'll have to say that my favorite spin on the "Planet of the Apes" series will always be this.

So, all our "monkeying around" with our diets, computers and film series is designed to take what we have and make it better.  This Reboot may not make us better in the Darwinian sense, but we may be taking a step toward finding the missing link in our dietary evolution.

I am 60% through the 60 days.

Weight: 149.7 lbs.
Weight is still creeping up.  Hope it stops soon.

Food:  Peach, apple, tossed salad, banana, almond butter, nuts, broccoli slaw
No photos of my dinner, just this food for thought.

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