Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th, 2011 - Day 48 of 60

This will be another of those posts that will barely make it in under the wire.  Today was longer than yesterday and yesterday was too long.  My head is swimming and I am so amped up on Raw Cacao Goji Seed Chunks that I may not sleep for days.  The workload is astronomical in scope.  It will not be done in the time frame I'd like, but it will be close.  The laws of physics apply here as they do everywhere.  If I had a few people working with me that were as...  what are the words I want to use... were as driven to deliver high quality products in as compressed a time frame as I, things would be done.  As it stands I am the orchestra leader for this work.  You have to see many things at once and understand how it all comes together.  Some of that is genetic, some is experience and some is dumb luck.

The layers and layers of complexity that we deal with are staggering.  While it isn't brain surgery, rocket science or even rocket surgery, it is complex and it is exhausting.  These days I think it is every bit as physically demanding as it is mentally demanding.  I came home late yesterday and wondered why my fingers felt stiff.  I realize that I just don't stop once I get to work and I am walking so much and so fast, I am swinging the fluids into my extremities.  Damned law of physics, again!

Things would be better if everyone listened to me.  No, not about everything, just about my little section in my little world.  I've told everyone for over twenty years how best to deal with things, but the layers of complexity and bureaucracy make it almost impossible to get things done well.  Never-ending arguments over "who is going to pay for this" and "which job has priority" and "why do they have this while we only have this" and other nonsense.  I'm sure everyone who works for or with others understands this.

In my head I have a vision for how things work.  The vision is a large-scale plan.  The "big picture", if you will.   Within that big picture is the striking detail into which my thoughts zoom when I have to actually deal with that task at the moment.  The translation from big-picture to details isn't that bad for me.  I am the sort of person who thinks things through exhaustively.  As an introvert, I have likely planned an entire activity before I ever mention it to anyone.  And, once it is mentioned that means it is going to happen.  Why?  Because I do not want to be or even be perceived as one of those people who says something but doesn't deliver or never follows through. Extroverts tend to do that, but not because they are scattered or liars.  They do it because that is how they brain-storm.  They throw it out there and see what people say.  "I think I am going to backpack naked across Nepal!"  They wait to see the reaction.  My dad is classic extrovert. Always going to do something, go somewhere, etc.  You'll know what I am doing when I am doing it.  If I need someone's opinion, I'll ask.  Sadly, in the case of my work, too many people stand between me and my vision.

With your Reboot, you need a vision.  You need to fully understand the concepts, fully understand the implementation of those concepts and fully understand the requirements of implementing those concepts.  You need to understand what a Reboot is.  You need to determine if you really can do it, or if you are just excited and hope you'll "get into it."  You need to realize that making juice takes time, energy and money.  You need to realize that if you have a family, they will probably not be Rebooting with you and that might be awkward or tempting or worse.  You need to realize that you'll be shopping a lot.  You need to see that a good juicer or blender is priceless.  You need to see that clean-up time is longer than you think.  You need to do several "dry runs" (or, as I call them, "wet runs" since you actually make juice.  But I don't call them that out loud for obvious reasons).  You have to visualize the amount of juice you'll need, when you'll be able to make it and from what other activity does that time come.  You need to plan for social engagements and other settings where food or the lack of you eating it could be troublesome.  You need to imagine how your Reboot will apply to your work.  Do you eat out a lot at work?  Is there a cafeteria?  Is there a kitchen or refrigerator where you can store your juice?  Do you, in fact, have anything appropriate into which you can put your juice?  Do you have enough of them?

You get the picture.  This is how my brain works all the time.  Ever sorting, sizing-up, considering, planning and processing.  Yes, it can be exhausting.  I guess that is why I do yoga.  But that is the sort of thinking that helps me in my work.  It also helps me in my Reboot.  I've never been without food or resources for my nutrition.  It has all gone well.

Everyone is different and what works for you may not be something I'd even consider.  As long as you are happy and getting the results you want, I am happy for you.  But I maintain that above all other things (fancy juicers, a nice "Rebooting" web page, eight books of juice recipes and even an autographed photo of Joe Cross on your refrigerator) NOTHING will help you more with your Reboot than the right mental attitude and mindset going in to the game.  If you've not solidified everything in your mind, you are on shaky ground.  Make up your mind, make your plan and make it happen.  That will get your through your Reboot and perhaps a few other things in life.

Right now, I have made up my mind to go to bed.  I have a feeling that task is a bit easier than making "Turnip Pistachio Horseradish Energy Juice".

I am 80% through the 60 days.

Weight: 148.3 lbs.
I seem to be hovering in this range.

Food: Smoothie, apple, banana, almond butter, almonds, raw cacao/goji/seed chunks, cherries.

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