Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17th, 2011 - Day 39 of 60

I am starting to wonder if I should really trust my body.  When I think about all the advice I hear regarding health and even advice I've even given to others (which, of course, is completely insane) it is not unusual to hear the phrase "listen to your body".  That is the sort of Oprahesque phrase I'd expect to hear bandied about in a yoga studio catering to senior citizens.  (Note: I'm not really down on Oprah, I just can seem to pass up appending "esque" to words when the opportunity arises.)  Wasn't listening to my body the very thing that got me to the point where I needed a Reboot in the first place?  When people say "listen to your body", I sometimes think it is code for, "Well, that isn't what I'd do, but I don't want to be morally, legally or financially liable for what is obviously going to happen to you as you are clueless."  Our body is good at telling us when it is in pain, when it is tired, when it is itchy, etc.  I just wish it was clearer on things like what we shouldn't eat or how much exercise is good.  I've been the sort of person who has pushed their bodies to extremes over the years.  In some of my past athletic endeavors I've run excessively, lifted weights excessively, dieted excessively, etc.  Not because I feel I am an "excessive" personality, but because I've been led to believe it is what my body really wants if I'd only listen. 

I know that, on paper, listening to one's body is a good idea.  The problem is either our bodies are all male and not very communicative or they are clueless and just say the first thing that comes to their head.  Do you know people like that?  The sort who just make up something when they have no idea what they are talking about?  If you asked them, "How should I fix this leaky pipe?" they will just up and say the first stupid thing that comes to mind.  "Oh, I'd take a handful of quarters, duct tape them over the leak and then weld it closed with a torch." And it isn't like they are intentionally lying or trying to give bad advice, it is just that they feel it "makes sense".  But the reality is they don't have a clue and they don't have the sense to know they don't have a clue.  Not only will they give you advice, but they'll say it with such confidence and bravado that no one would even suspect they are stupid.  "Oh, yeah, you should always rub tapioca on your dog.  It is very good for their coat, it keeps fleas and ticks away and helps them see in the dark." 

I am starting to wonder if my body is really that sort of guy.  Now, I can tell you that *I* am NOT that sort of person.  If I don't know something, I'll tell you that I don't know.  I may have an opinion, but that is a far cry from what I am discussing here.  But my body, I really don't know.  Our body loves to tell us to eat more.  If there is a go-to answer for our bodies, it is "more."  The body must be truly separate from the mind as it just doesn't seem to remember what happened the last time we had "more" booze or "more" sun or "more" Taco Bell or "more" touch football at the family reunion.  I have to assume our brains do not consider themselves a part of the body or vice-versa.  In fact, if anything seems reasonable it is that last statement.  Our brains are always plotting a way out of the body as they know the body is always putting it into dire danger.  That is why really stupid people are consider to have their brains in their ass.  It makes sense as it seems like the only reasonable escape route for a desperate brain that lives in fear.  If the brain and the body spoke to each other we'd do things in a much more reasonable manner.  But, as everyone knows, we live in a world where someone has to tell you not to pour that cup of coffee on your lap as it is very, very hot.

I started to think about this today as I was concerned about my water intake.  I bring water to work each day and I never seem to feel the need to drink it.  Now, that doesn't seem too out of line as I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.  Those are loaded with water.  Still, you'd think I'd get thirsty once in a while.  I am not eating any salt and pretty much all my food is "raw", so I guess that makes it lean toward the hydrated side of the spectrum.  I am trying to think of foods that might induce thirst... well, anything with salt, of course.  But crackers come to mind right away.  Breakfast cereals.  A big brick of Shredded Wheat. That seems like the driest food on earth.  It even looks like a tumbleweed.  Anyway, I am not eating any of that.  I am eating nuts, but without salt, raw and not enough, evidently, to make a difference.

I am going to refrain from researching water intake as I know exactly what will happen.  I will Google it, find 87,000 articles in women's magazines and men's health magazines that tell me that I am not drinking enough water no matter how much I am drinking (especially water from a certain company).  They will tell me all the things that water does for me, my hair, my skin, etc.  Then I'll get some hits from natural health experts that tell me that if my diet was correct and my frame of mind was focused I could absorb the water from the air.  If I've not achieved that state of mental fitness, they'd gladly sell me the secret for a nominal price.  Then I'd find dozens of people who will tell me how they found love after drinking more water, discovered themselves after drinking water and even got a promotion after drinking water.  Then there are the stories about their parent or best friend or their best friend's Chiropractor's tennis pro.  Then, in the end, most of them will say, "listen to your body". 

Why doesn't the human body come with a hydrometer?  I think our belly-buttons should pop out when we have enough water and then retreat when we are dehydrated.  I also think it should make an audible "pop" when we need water so we get the message.  I think a number strange things are perfectly reasonable.  Did I ever tell you that it is a good idea to rub tapioca on your dog?

I am 65% through the 60 days.

Weight:  149.4 lbs.

Down a little bit from yesterday.

Food: Mixed melon/pineapple, cherries, banana, almond butter, nuts, broccoli slaw
And this beauty: Cacao Goji Energy Cube.  All raw!

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