Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6th, 2011 - Day 28 0f 60

This might be my shortest post as I am so exhausted that even the calories required to move the keys those few millimeters are precious.  I spent the last four hours in the garden pulling out the broccoli and replanting it for the Fall.  I also had to weed well in that area and I gave my Acorn Squash some attention, too.  I have an infestation on my squash even though I have a good fifteen or so already growing.  Something got on the leaves and left eggs and they are hatching.  Not just hatching, but eating.  I don't mind the hatching but I do mind the eating.  Everyone is eating my stuff.  Crows, bugs... it is a daily battle.  The only one not eating my stuff is me.  Ironic, eh?  So, after those four hours and three wheelbarrows full of weeds and a full bottle of a dilution of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap, I am very tired.  Still, I got 20 broccoli plants into the ground, saw to the squash and even got four Collard Greens into the ground as well.  I saw to my seedlings and staked a couple tomatoes.  I have some beans coming in next week and then I'll replant all my beans and all my peas.  Phew.  Oh, and the reboot is going well except my weight is screwy.  It is either a weird scale or "bathroom" issues causing the weight fluctuation.  In any case it doesn't matter as weight isn't important now as I think I've lost plenty.  Right now I just want to keep progressing and feeling good.

When I was standing there in front of the garden patch, at first I was in a bad state of mind.  There was a lot of work to do.  It was overwhelming.  I let this part of the garden go a bit as it can generally take care of itself.  But the weeds had gotten pretty bad and after I pulled the broccoli plants out there was still a ton of things to go.  But there was a bit of urgency as timing in a garden is crucial.  If I wanted more broccoli before a frost, I needed to get it in  the ground now.  So, I just resolved and got down on all fours.  It was hard, but once it was finished I looked back and knew I'd have a nice crop of broccoli and Collard Greens in the Fall.  Plus when I saw all that crap on the squash I was beat.  There was a storm coming our way and I wanted to finish before it started.  There were so many weeds tangled up in the sprawling squash I felt like a surgeon cutting out a tumor wrapped around a blood vessel.  After a while, though, things were cleaner.  I was able to put on some fertilizer and give them a brief drink before the real rains came.  Once that was all over I got that moment to stand there and admire the work I had done.  There was sweat cascading off me and dirt covering me from head to toe.  I smelled and was a sight, to be sure.  But I felt so good that words can't describe the sensation.  It was all clean and in order.  With luck I'd have much food in a couple months or so.

Now that I am showered and hydrated, I am able to detach from the pain of those few hours and feel more of the joy and satisfaction that has come from a job well-done.  I have much to do over the coming weeks, but each step brings me closer to a marvelous goal.  When I see all the produce coming in and I anticipate the way it will taste and how nutritious it will be, all that work was worth it.

And, I now understand on a different level how wonderful this Reboot has been for me.  When I started, like my garden adventure today, I was filled with trepidation. My body, like my garden, had not been well-maintained.  I was fat with weeds.  I needed care.  I needed patience.  I needed health.  There is no shortcut.  When you first start your garden in the Spring it is easier.  You don't worry about weeds as you just plow or till them under the soil a few times.  It is all fresh and new.  The soil has rested for almost six months.  It is pristine.  But when you have things in the ground, you can't just go careening around with a tiller or a plow.  You need to pay close attention on a daily basis to keep things at bay.  If not, when the weeds come, the only way to remove them is by hand.  It is long and tedious work.  It can be backbreaking and exhausting.  But in the end, it is worth every second. 

The Reboot is no different.  The Reboot is the careful weeding of a neglected patch of ground.  It takes time.  It is difficult.  It is tedious.  But once you see the results of your labor, you want to weep for joy.  The fruit that will be born of this careful tending will be sweet, indeed.

As for my broccoli, I could have left the old plant in and gotten a bit more from them.  But, to tell the truth, I wasn't very pleased with them.  They didn't give much and they tended to bolt.  Sometimes you have to start over.  You have to dig out the old stuff that isn't working for you and start fresh.

That is what we are all doing here.  We are remedying neglect, starting anew and standing back and admiring our handiwork.  We are growing a new life.


I am 45% through the 60 days.

Weight: 146.7 lbs.
Not sure what is up.  Maybe "bathroom" issues.

Food: Fruit and Veg Smoothie With Hemp Seed
The "reddish" color is from cherries and Goji berries.

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