Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25th, 2001 - Day 47 of 60

Having put in a 14 hour day, I can say with some confidence that my Reboot has not shortchanged me on energy, focus or motivation.  Still, I am only human.  I am so tired that my eyes are involuntarily crossing.  No, wait, I am doing it on purpose.  Never mind.

I was going to try and write something profound about something deep, but I forgot it when I was nearly drown walking to my car.  I don't recall rain that hard in a very long time (and I've been in some hurricanes).  So, between my fatigue, the hour, my dampness and the strange feeling an opossum is waiting for me to come outside, I will make this the briefest post of my Reboot and end with a haiku or limerick, I've not yet decided...

While the workday itself was sheer hell,
My Reboot is going quite swell
But I'm so pressed for time,
All I offer is this rhyme
In lieu of my standard nov-el

Ah, limerick.

Hope you all are having a poetic Reboot.

I am 75% through the 60 days.

Weight: 149.4 lbs.

Food: Smoothie, apple, nectarine, banana, almond butter, tomatoes, far too many raw cacao/goji/seed chunks.
Smoothie: Before
Smoothie: After

These little chaps came from my garden.

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