Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5th, 2011 - Day 27 of 60

You start to question everything...

As the end of the first half and first phase of my Reboot draws ever-nearer, I have been contemplating my next steps.  Fortunately, I am not going to stray too far from the safe haven I am in at this time.  But it is always best to think things through in order to avoid any trouble.  No, we cannot foresee everything, but a prudent plan will, at least, give you a place to start.  As I have been thinking about how far I've come in just these scant days, it is truly amazing.  The person who stood just 27 days and 22 pounds behind me is different than the one typing this message.  Still, not so different than the one who mistrusted those in authority, questioned the motives of those who want my money or my vote, craved simplicity, and believed in the infinite value of life.  That person is the same person.   

I'm not sure, exactly, how these subtle and yet profound changes can be explained. As the time passes by and you begin to see changes in yourself (real changes) you often have a hard time believing it.  Part of that inability to accept these amazing transformations is that we don't want to be disappointed.  We don't want to wake up tomorrow and find we are again "fat, sick and nearly dead".  But as each day goes by and each pound clicks away, so does our disbelief.  When that happens, some amazing and wonderful things occur.  But then, some frightfully dangerous things occur as well.  Things like the nagging thought why your doctor didn't tell you to do this years ago?  I mean, he did go to school for years and years and is charging you an astronomical fee to keep you coming in to see him or her every month to get more medication and give another co-payment and reason to bill your insurance company (if you are lucky enough to have insurance).  Why is something this simple not the first thing tried?  Or you wonder why the government, in its infinite wisdom (and infinite power) will raid your food co-op if you offer raw milk products, but smiles and allows "Heart Healthy" on food-like products that will make you sicker than eating a bug?  Or why that same government allows such deceptive and misleading information to be posted regarding food choices and health, while they still emphasize outdated ideas like "four food groups" and encourage people to over-consume foods that are not health-inducing?  You look at the TV blaring endless pleas to purchase food that is toxic, health-sapping and drug-like in it is effects.  You watch your child manipulated by the slick ad creators, getting them to believe that happiness is only one purchase away and they can change their lives for the better by simply using this product.  They are told that everyone is eating this crap, why don't you?  We watch as media holds up the inane bleating and gyrations of one youthful pawn after another, being told they are creative and talented.  We are offered entertainment shows of such vapid waste that it creates a culture which esteems stupidity, brutality and soulless sensuality while mocking intellect, independent thought and peaceful, cooperative coexistence.

Then you drink your juice.  You drink it day after day and you see what it can do.  You look in the mirror and see a new person.  You look at the scale and slowly wave goodbye to pound after pound of your old self.  You start to think all these terrible thoughts.  You think, "If my doctor didn't know about this, then what else doesn't she know?"  You think, "If the TV told me that all these foods I was eating were alright, then why was I sick?"   You think these things and untold other things.  You think that you didn't know you were this strong.  You think that it is strange that eating in a way that makes you healthy and in control of your life will also make you "weird" or "boring" or "extremist" or "fanatical".  You think that if all those who are so smart didn't tell you this would happen, you wonder why not and what it is they are seeking to gain?  You think if they didn't tell you about this, what else are they not telling you about?  You think that because you dared to question established convention you are now in a healthier and happier place.  You think that if you questioned this, what else should you question?  You think, if I can do something as amazing as this Reboot, what else can I do?  When you think that, you've changed into a new person.  You change into a dangerous, thinking person.

Pleased to meet you.


I am 45% through the 60 days.

Weight: 149.3 lbs.

Food: Fruit and Veg Smoothie With Hemp Seed
Now with Goji Berries!

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