Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th, 2011 - Day 42 of 60

I love my work.  I will say that working in general has become difficult, but I still love what I do.  I will stop working as soon as I can because I have ten-thousand other things I want to do in life, but I don't dread getting up to work.  I do dread getting up and putting up with the crap that goes with work, but I guess we all do.  Things are not managed well and there is always too much required of me.  That can lead to stress.  Strike that, is DOES lead to stress.  You ask too much of someone and it can tax them to the point of reduced efficiency.  They will miss little things that can lead to big problems.  Overlooking even a small thing might lead to serious issues in your systems.  If you don't give workers the tools or training they need it will frustrate them and the results will be less than optimal.  If you don't ensure they are working reasonable hours and take some time off, they will burn out.  I thought of these things in passing as I was working today.  I normally don't work on Saturday but my workload is such that I have no choice.  Hopefully, this extra work phase will only last for a short time and I'll go back to normal sometime in September.

This whole concept is directly applicable to your food life.  Most people love to eat.  They may not like the political crap that goes with eating (eat your vegetables, don't eat too much junk, etc.) but we sure do love our food.  If we eat too much, we can overtax our bodies and they will not work as efficiently.  After prolonged overconsumption we can cause a breakdown of vital processes that can lead to illness.  If people are not trained how to eat properly, they will assume they are doing alright.  I had direct experience with this as a few people at work were "bragging" about eating well by holding up a certain food as a "health food."  I gave them the evil eye, but I didn't want to discourage them.  I asked them a few questions that I hoped would get them thinking.  I believe people should have treats occasionally to reward good behavior (I'm not a prude) but treats as a lifestyle are not productive.  Overeating makes the body work too hard.  It is very hard work to process a large amount of heavy food.  We get sluggish, run-down and overweight.  Sometimes your body needs time-off from its labors.  For some that means a REAL time-off with fasting.  For others, the Reboot is the perfect bodily vacation.  Less food to digest, less stress over what to eat, proper nutrition ensures you get what you need and revitalizing energy returns to motivate you.  And, after a nice Reboot, you may return refreshed to your labors and with a new perspective on food.

I am sure I'll see a couple more Saturdays with work on my calendar, but I can cope.  I am hoping that my body doesn't feel overworked and under-appreciated as many of you might feel in your jobs.  I wouldn't want my body to go on strike or, heaven forbid, up and quit on me.  Balance at work and balance in diet: eerily similar and both vitally important to good health.  We may not feel like we have much control over work, but we certainly have control over our diet.  So, if you are not Rebooting, go to your boss (that is you) and ask for a raise, of sorts.  Insist on a Reboot.  If you are already Rebooting, congratulate yourself for treating your employee (that is you, too) so well.  Know that your intelligent management will reap long-term benefits for your business.

This Reboot is one job I will miss when I retire from it.  I will look back upon it with fond memories.  I'm sure I'll be able to get some part-time Reboot work, too, as I have a lot of experience. :)

I am 70% through the 60 days.

Weight: 149.4 lbs.
Down a bit again.  Hope the trend continues.

Food: Cherries, Banana, Almond Butter, Nuts, Raw Cacao/Goji/Seed Chunks, Big Salad
Big salad I made after slaving all day at work.

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