Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27th, 2011 - Day 49 of 60

I wish I had one of these things over the last couple weeks.  I'm sure when I put the device into my computer at the end of the day it would come back and tell me that, obviously, something was wrong as the data doesn't compute.  As you may be able to see on my weigh-in this morning, I had a blister on the top of my right foot.  I walked for hours straight yesterday.  Going from room to room to room to room, and from building to building.  I did it again today for a good nine hours straight.  I just didn't stop.  I can't imagine the calories I've burned.  Sadly, I am trying to make up for those calories by eating everything in sight now that I am home.

My day started by picking up a few things at the store and filling up my car in the event the hurricane decides to visit my home.  I got some fruit and veggies and a new LCD flashlight and then I went to work.  The good news is that, at this point, all the desperately crucial work is finished.  As the storm is heading our way we decided to cancel classes on Monday, so that gives me another day to tie up loose ends if need be.  I'll take the next couple weeks to deal with the less crucial work and then, hopefully, be caught up and go back into my normal mode.

While I wouldn't call this a denouement, things are leveling off.  Another way that is true, sort of, is all the hurricane hubbub.  It is all we've been hearing about for days and days.  A sure way to get people to buy your newspaper or watch your TV show is incessantly talking about danger, threats and horror.  I've heard nothing but hurricane-related speculation and worse-case scenarios for the last few days.  If I watched TV very much I'd be frantic.  Yes, hurricanes are serious, but does it really help anyone to talk about it incessantly for days on end?  Is it edifying in any way?    Sure, give the warnings and state the facts.  But, please, stop with the endless coverage of what may happen.  It is driving me nuts.  Luckily, the thing will come through tonight and tomorrow and then, hopefully, we'll get on with things.

In addition to the most crucial work and the most juiceful hurricane, another thing coming to its ending phase is my Reboot.  As I was walking around today I realized that on Monday I'll have only ten days remaining in my Reboot.  That sort of number has symbolic meaning, if nothing else. Doesn't everyone like to countdown once "10" is reached?  I thought a bit about how things were going and what I may want to do.  While I am very pleased with my Reboot, I am going to consider my options.  While I knew the food-phase wouldn't offer the same dramatic results as the liquid phase, I was hoping for more.  I feel really good and I know things are happening.  Patience is a virtue, so I may just stay the course.

In our lives there are peaks and valleys.  Most of the time is spent hiking up to the peak or ambling down into the valley.  The lingering at the zenith and the abiding at the nadir are brief.  The circuitous wandering between the two is where we spend the bulk of our time. In the space of an average work year, my insanely busy times usually don't exceed six to eight weeks.   In the space of a lifetime, disasters are few and far between.  The span of a Reboot has a few days flush with excitement.  Since it is a unique adventure I imagine my comparison isn't fair, but after a week of rebooting one tends to fall into a rhythm that almost becomes "normal".  Once the end is within sight, however, we allow our minds to look to the end and turn over the possible permutations.

I remember a time in my youth when I was the passenger in a Saab that was going across the country.  We were going through the desert in the Southwest toward Las Vegas.  There isn't much to see, so to say the ride was boring would be kind.  After endless dust and brown I spotted something in the distance.  It looked like a lit sign, but how could a lit sign be seen in the desert during the day?   The odd thing was that,  as we drove ahead, we didn't seem to get to the sign.  Apparently, this place was farther away than I assumed.  By the time we got there we had driven quite a long way.  I saw that sign from a long way off and had plenty of time to consider what it was and what it might mean to me.   It turned out it was a gas station with a very tall and very bright sign.  Still, in an endless sea of arid earth that light was a welcome distraction.  In a sea of mindless consumption, this Reboot is a welcome change.  No, this stressful and frantic time of year in the midst of my normal workload is NOT welcome.  But we need our lives punctuated with these occasional exclamation points.

So, as I get a day of rest (I hope) after a long stretch of insanity, I will consider my lasts days on this Reboot.  I may just reflect and leave it at that.  Or, I may wish to go out with a bang.  Whatever I decide, it will be out of my great affection for the previous days of mindful consumption.

The best part of the ending is knowing that a new beginning shows up to introduce itself.

I am 80% through the 60 days.

Weight: 147.4 lbs.
Blister boo-boo on my right foot.  :(

 Food: Watermelon, Fresh Mixed Fruit, Raw Cacao/Goji/Seed Chunks, Broccoli Slaw, Cherries
This was SO good.

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